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We are your that creates experiences which resonate on a deeper level.

Krative, LLC

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Who We Are

We work with clients spanning a wide array of industries and businesses of all size. Because of this, our team remains lean, agile, and efficient so as to implement unique strategies for each of our clients brands. With a tried and true process,backed by a talented team, we are committed to the success of our clients.

Leadership Team

Rick Callahan headhshot

Rick Callahan

Founder / CEO
Strategy & Consulting

As Krative's CEO, he is often seeking the next big opportunity for Krative. Within the organization, Rick's combined passion for understanding his clients in order to strategically plan, design, and implement creative solutions has pushed Krative's clients to new levels. In 2010, Rick founded the Sprout Internship Program, a competitively sought internship program modeled after trade apprenticeships. Additionally, in 2014 he began the Let’s Grow My Biz Workshop Series that offers business growth insights to entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers.

Samantha Mudry - Krative's Creative Production Director

Samantha Mudry

Production Director

In early 2011, Samantha has established her role as a core member of the team. Samantha knows the “Krative way” and applies it to all things production. She manages Krative's production schedule and the creative team accordingly.

Whether she is creating websites, content, graphics, social media strategies, blog posts, email blasts, or training clients on various marketing platforms, Samantha can — and does — it all.

Office & Production Team



Office Assistant

Everette Da Bubba - Krative's Welcoming Committee


The Boston New Haven Terrier

Krative Sprout Program Logo


Design & Marketing Internships
( The Sprout Program )

Dedicated Specialists

Sometimes we have to call in the calvary. With specialized skills, dedicated talent, and a focus on client success, our dedicated specialists are crucial to the fulfillment of effective creative solutions

Andrew Rondinone Designer



Andy of Amatech Solutions


(from Amatech Solutions)
Development Consultant

Against the Wind logo - Angie


(from Against The Wind LLC)
Bookkeeping Services

Most clients choose us over other firms

because – as they say – we "just get it".

The way we see it, they trust our expertise to effectively market through branding & design. Not because we tout the experience and wisdom we've gleaned over the years. Rather, they are inspired by a firm – consisting of passionate and dedicated designers and strategists – has taken the time to ask the right questions, to listen to them, to understand their struggles, and most importantly share their enthusiasm for their brand's vision.

Beyond that, we are incredibly honored to be able to do the work that we do. Our desire to do great work goes beyond creating work that looks good. Rather, we implement marketing solutions through the practical yet creative lens of design. Watch the video below to get a sense of who we are and what some of our clients think of us.


What We Do

We unify brand identities, core values, and communication strategies to create a concise and memorable brand experience.


Brand & Discovery

Your organization has an identity all its own. It has its own personality and it even speaks with its own voice. We are experts at capturing these fundamentals to express exactly what you need to say, and how you need to say it.


Design – Identity, Digital, & Traditional

In every way a brand expresses itself, each component is designed to contribute to the overall impression of that brand. We align brands with the right people by crafting stories — through design — that resonate on a deeper level. 


Strategy & Consultation

Attracting the ideal target markets requires a brand to be positioned where their intended audience will discover it, connect with it, and take action on it. We build our marketing strategies around this approach.

In Their Words

"We highly recommend the team at Krative. A great team helped us design a variety of materials that really sell the new “brand” and the website provided great new functionality for our clients. Beyond that, the team was a pleasure to work with as they constantly brought fresh ideas to the table and challenged us to think bigger. The main selling point for us is they brought an edginess to the project and we didn’t feel like our project was just another task in the queue."

Parker Elmore - President & CEO, Odyssey Advisors

"Simply amazing! The Krative team's creativity and passion for helping is astounding. I cannot recommend Krative enough to everyone I know!"

Doreen Godfrey - Founder, Vicolo Mio

"Krative provided Nexus a valuable sounding board for development of our new collateral materials as well as follow through into final documents. Being a design company ourselves we know we presented particular challenges. Krative managed us and our design needs and exceeded our expectations with their final output."

John Laverack - Principal, Nexus Design, LLC

"As a small business owner and someone who is very "green" when it comes to anything having to do with websites and marketing, I was very intimidated by the idea of developing a website and marketing plan for my business. Krative made the process not so scary and in fact fun. I now I have a website and marketing materials that I am very proud of. And, visitors to my website are quick to tell me how beautiful it is, as well as how easy it is to navigate."

Amy Baertschi - Founder, Green Eyed Nutrition

Our Process

We attribute the continued growth and success of our firm and our clients brands to two things:

  1. Always building strong & honest relationships with our clients.
  2. Adhering to our creative process:
Initial Consult
Getting to know each other

Our best work is the result of a deep understanding of who our clients are. Not just what they do or hope to accomplish through marketing, but why they do what they do, how they do it, and what drives them to continue doing so.

Are you looking for a partner to ask the hard questions in order to grow your brand?

Connect with us.

Phase 1
Kick-Off & Brand Discovery

Through a series of discovery research and exercises we will examine your brand's core values, target markets, and communications strategies.

The findings of this process will inform the design and strategy to position, market, and grow your brand.

Phase 2
Creative Production

With Phase 1 defining the strategy for your brand's positioning and communication strategy, we will then create the tools needed to implement those strategies.

Be it a branding identity, advertising campaigns, marketing collateral, a website, or anything else we can dream up – we will design the creative assets needed to realize your brand's marketing strategies.

Phase 3
Marketing & Advertising

Once you have your newly refined branding, messaging, and marketing tools in place it's time to attract new business and grow your brand.

Through our marketing consulting, continued creative services, and advertising efforts our clients are able to monitor results and track progress towards achieving their goals. For clients on a retainer basis, we review goals and progress each month while designing, implementing, and maintaining marketing campaigns that align with their refined branding.

What are you looking to achieve with branding and marketing?

Let’s explore it, together.

A quick email or phone call is all it takes to take your brand to the next level. Whether you want to tell us about what hasn’t worked in the past, or have clear goals to work towards, we want to hear it!

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129 Church Street
Suite 227
New Haven, CT 06510