This is your how. It’s created when your brand vision and motivation coincide.


  • Should things be?
  • Can you get started?
  • Do you find opportunity to provide external value?


A clear vision coupled with a strong purpose provides meaning for your brand.


  • Do you believe in this?
  • Are you driven to...?
  • Do you do it the way that you do?
  • Is your vision better than...?


A strong purpose and motivation to create brand alignment stems from your passion.


  • Do you stand for?
  • Value do you provide?
  • Market do you serve?

All three of these together (Opportunity, Meaning, and Passion) create brand alignment through vision, motivation, and purpose.

About Kevin Jack

Kevin is Krative's current Digital Marketing Sprout. He has been documenting his journey into marketing & branding through his internship program at Krative.