Branding for Success A Brand Strategy Workshop

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Rick Callahan Founder / CEO of Krative, LLC

I started as a freelance graphic and web designer around the age of 14. I then formed my first business at the age of 22 in a sublet office within a manufacturing facility. Since then I have been involved in a multitude of businesses and initiatives, from which I've been described as an entrepreneur dedicated to growth.

Now, fourteen years later, I've formed my brand strategy, design, and marketing agency, Krative. With this organization I have have helped many hundreds of passionate business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives to more effectively achieve their goals.

Through a unique methodology we turn their beliefs and core values into the driving force that moves them toward a larger vision – one that is true to their sense of purpose in better serving others.

Giulia Gouge Digital Brand Strategist & Partner of Agents of Branding

Sixteen years in full-service marketing agency life, an adventurous spirit, and the love of stories led me to start SheSoSocial, LLC in 2010. After I found like-minded peeps in 2017, I joined Agents of Branding.

Basically, giving Small Business A Big Voice is what drives me. Putting the social in Social Media for a variety of clients as consultant, planner, and advertiser, cultivating audience and customers for Sexy Liberal Tour, Sight MultiSpecialty Center, Publish Your Purpose Press, Kathryn Sollman, Scottish Creations, Specialty Wire, and The Connecticut Council for Non-Adversarial Divorce.

Coming from a background in marketing — from research to strategic brand implementation, for such organizations as Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Children’s Hospital, Smilow Cancer Center, Scandinavian Airlines and WNBA’s Connecticut Sun — the growth of online communications is fascinating to me because it is a conversation changer, LITERALLY.

Why copy what others are doing when you can stand out?

Our brains notice what is different and that is why it is so important to learn what sets your brand apart from the competition. Join Giulia from Agents of Branding as she interviews Rick Callahan, CEO & Founder of Krative – a brand, strategy, and design agency for passionate business owners. 

    • Discover what drives your brand toward success.
    • Ask questions to be answered live during the Workshop Q&A segment of the program.
    • Learn how to build a brand strategy that can never fail... completely.
    • Finally figure out the way to properly convey the value of your brand's offerings to your target markets!
    • Be entered into a raffle to win one of several prizes!