Core Values of a Brand

Let’s talk core values “No matter what your organization does, why it does itwill rarely change – that much.” – Rick Callahan, Founder/CEO of Krative, LLC A large aspect to positioning a brand is understanding the “core values” of an organization. Other marketing-types may call this the “underlying beliefs”, “corporate DNA”, and to some extent…

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Brand Strategy as a plan for long-term business success

brand strategy for long term success

When most entrepreneurs think about their brand strategy a few things come to mind. Logos, marketing materials, tag lines, and advertisements are just a few of them. While these factors are all important, working with a graphic designer or marketing expert may not be enough for a long-term strategy for your business.  Rather successful branding…

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Brand Alignment Methodology

Krative Brand Methodology for Brand Alignment

Opportunity: This is your how. It’s created when your brand vision and motivation coincide. How? Should things be? Can you get started? Do you find opportunity to provide external value? Meaning: A clear vision coupled with a strong purpose provides meaning for your brand. Why? Do you believe in this? Are you driven to…? Do…

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How to Provide Value as an Entrepreneur

At Krative, we pride ourselves on the work we perform with passionate business owners.  By working with entrepreneurs that have passion, we are able to get behind and fully support their vision to bring value to the world.  Krative’s philosophy of helping entrepreneurs succeed is central to how we conduct business.  Rick’s Journey from an…

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Don’t Convince. Diagnose: Displaying Expertise to Clients

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own agency or have already made the leap, you will be building an extensive network of clients.  With an extensive network comes the inevitable- navigating differing client relationships.  Communicating with a new or difficult client can be a daunting task, even with prior experience.  Your goal is to provide…

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