A Branding, Design, and Marketing

Firm That Gets It.
According to what our clients tell us when choosing a marketing firm to partner with.

The way we see it, they trust our expertise to effectively market through branding & design. Not because we tout the experience and wisdom we've gleaned over the years. Rather, they are inspired by the fact that our firm – consisting of passionate and dedicated designers and strategists – has taken the time to ask the right questions, to listen to them, to understand their struggles, and most importantly share their enthusiasm for their brand's vision.

Beyond that, we are incredibly honored to be able to do the work that we do. Our desire to do great work goes beyond creating work that looks good. Rather, we implement marketing solutions through the practical yet creative lens of design.


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Who We Are

We work with clients spanning a wide array of industries and businesses of all size. Because of this, our team remains lean, agile, and efficient so as to implement unique strategies for each of our clients brands. With a tried and true process,backed by a talented team, we are committed to the success of our clients.

Leadership Team

Rick Callahan

Rick Callahan founder of Krative

Founder / CEO
Strategy & Consulting

Rick Callahan is an entrepreneur dedicated to growth. 

He started his first business in 2006 at the age of 22 in a sublet office within a manufacturing facility in Meriden, CT.  Today, he is the founder and CEO of Krative – a branding, marketing, and design agency in the heart of downtown New Haven.

As Krative's CEO, he is often seeking the next big opportunity for Krative. Within the organization, Rick's combined passion for understanding his clients in order to strategically plan, design, and implement creative solutions has pushed Krative's clients to new levels. In 2010, Rick founded the Sprout Internship Program, a competitively sought internship program modeled after trade apprenticeships. Additionally, in 2014 he began the Let’s Grow My Biz Workshop Series that offers business growth insights to entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers.

In early 2011, Samantha has established her role as a core member of the team. Samantha knows the “Krative way” and applies it to all things production. She manages Krative's production schedule and the creative team accordingly.

Whether she is creating websites, content, graphics, social media strategies, blog posts, email blasts, or training clients on various marketing platforms, Samantha can — and does — it all.

Samantha Mudry

Samantha Mudry - Krative's Creative Production Director

Production Director

Office & Production Team



Office Assistant

Everette Da Bubba - Krative's Welcoming Committee


The Boston New Haven Terrier

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Design & Marketing Internships
( The Sprout Program )

Dedicated Specialists

Sometimes we have to call in the calvary. With specialized skills, dedicated talent, and a focus on client success, our dedicated specialists are crucial to the fulfillment of effective creative solutions

Andrew Rondinone Designer



Andy of Amatech Solutions


(from Amatech Solutions)
Development Consultant

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(from Against The Wind LLC)
Bookkeeping Services